Our brand

A vision of up-to-date, fast fashion.

When they established the brand Street One back in 1983, our founders had a vision. They wanted to be able to deliver up-to-date fashion fast and at short notice. They achieved this, as does the entire Street One team, day in, day out – with a special eye for fashion and with lots of discipline and ultra efficient processes. That is they only way to deliver 12 collections a year to over 4,000 sales outlets throughout Germany and Europe so quickly. Wherever you find it, the Street One brand stands for cutting-edge, mix-and-match fashions, plus an outstanding fit and great quality – all at a surprisingly affordable price.

At Street One, our customers’ wishes and needs always take centre stage. That’s our brand philosophy, and it’s what drives everyone who works here. The brand lives by listening so hard to the market.

That’s why Street One is also so attractive for its retail partners and customers. The former love its fast-selling products, high stock turnover and continual growth. The latter favour its fashionable variety with all the latest outfits. That’s what makes Street One today one of the most successful young fashion brands for women.

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